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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

S3BGlobal's Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution provides a scalable, on-demand delivery, while aligning urgency and sourcing strategy, to reduce the risks associated with recruitment costs.

Our Model

Our model is customizable based on the business’ strategy, structure, and culture, and we can take on a portion or all of the functions associated with recruitment for any organization.

Our team addresses your talent challenges with a broad range of flexible services – from targeted project solutions designed to achieve specific objectives to comprehensive enterprise solutions that encompass every aspect of the hiring process.

S3BGlobal can take on the full responsibility of your recruiting function or supplement your existing team creating a custom RPO journey for the organization while providing a personalized, streamlined experience for your candidates.

Our Recruitment Process

Our sourcing strategy provides complete market coverage of active and passive candidates, while our systematic approach to screening focuses on skills and cultural fit, to quickly and effectively find individuals that have long-term potential with your company.

We develop a custom solution for your business, bringing added value, strategic advantage and measurable benefits to your recruiting function, including:

  • Recruiting expertise & best practices
  • Strategic partnership
  • Proactive employer branding
  • Long-lasting value
  • Innovative technology aggregation
  • Enhanced quality of hire
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Process efficiency
  • Reduced hiring costs
  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Seamless compliance
  • Increased retention

Recruitment Process Support

In addition to sourcing, S3BGlobal can serve as a dedicated resource for any and all tasks associated with recruitment to ensure a streamlined process for your hiring managers and a personalized experience for your candidates. This support includes, but is not limited to:

Digital Recruitment Optimization
Candidate Assessments & Pre-Screening
Behavioral Interview Toolkits
Interview Scheduling & Travel Coordination
Pre-Employment Testing
New Hire On-Boarding

Client Experience

“S3BGlobal’s approach to RPO was unique and extremely flexible. It allowed our managers to select the best talent in the market, saved the HR team valuable time, and saved the organization money. S3BGlobal’s team members are true partners and the most dedicated professionals in the industry.”

“Our decision to begin working with S3BGlobal was based on their industry expertise, uncompromising customer service, and commitment to overall quality.”

“Our decision to do an RPO with S3BGlobal was based on 3 key reasons: 1) they are not solely a ‘recruitment firm’—they are far more than that; 2) they have expert industry knowledge; and 3) they have a track record of successful placements with us with a high retention rate. They always ensure that our HR processes and compliance requirements are met.”


By design, our RPO solution increases effectiveness and efficiency by reducing recruitment costs and cycle time. By partnering with S3BGlobal, our clients have achieved the following results:

Better market coverage
Controlled speed of recruiting
Optimized data and analytics
Improved cost containment
Managed employment brand