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Human Capital Management



Our teams of learning professionals, including human capital and learning  strategists, workforce analysts, instructional designers, and learning technologists take a multidisciplinary approach to helping clients define and execute their workforce strategies. Our experts can help your organization attract and retain the right talent, bridge skill gaps, fuel innovation, and maximize performance and employee satisfaction.

  • Talent Management
  • Performance Based Talent Sourcing
  • Executive and Professional Search
  • IT Staff Augmentation and SOW
  • Talent Acquisition Program Development

Talent Management

When it comes to Talent Management of the workforce, we, at S3B Global provide knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced manpower resources that not only reduces the cost of operation but eliminates the burden of committing mistakes. Moreover, we handle the streamlining of the candidate for the recruitment process so that you can select the best talent that matches with the job description. The selection tools, and procedures are conducted following the effective screening of only those candidates who are ‘fit’ to perform the job effectively and efficiently.

Performance Based Talent Sourcing

Hiring the right candidate is a tough job for every business, and we at S3B Global ensures that we get you the right candidates on the criteria of Performance-Based Talent Sourcing, wherein we shall do the sourcing, screening, interview as well as recruitment of the candidate. The selection is made purely on the basis of their performance as depicted in the assessment test, interview, and technical test. Once they qualify then only they are moved to the other rounds and selected for hire.

Executive And Professional Search

Executive and professional search includes hiring top-level candidates or who have years of experience and have performed the roles specific to particular industries or sect. The CXO, and similar grades are not easy to find. We provide the best Executive and Professionals for the healthcare, IT, insurance, engineering, marketing, and other industries.  We identify the peak level performers who have a proven track record of excellent results and deliverables. So, you do not have to spend time searching, screening, interviewing, assessing and selecting the candidates.

IT Staff Augmentation And SOW

IT Staff Augmentation and Statement of Work (SOW) helps our client achieve their business goals with the availability of quality IT Talent who fit the right profile and the job.  We offer IT Staff Augmentation and SOW for direct hiring that can fit in the projects related to the IT and engineering industry.   We ensure that you get a dedicated team of experts who have experience in a specific domain and possess the requisite skills.  SOW is a legitimate and effective agreement mechanism that is needed when the work is delivered on a milestone
basis, especially when the supplier is at risk. Hence, we step up to eliminate the risk and acts as the hiring managers.

Talent Acquisition Program Development

Talent Acquisition Program Development involves strategies to focus on finding, attracting, hiring as well as retaining the best talents for growth and development in a competitive environment.  It is consists of complex plans that are executed for the benefit of our clients, so they do not have to undergo the laborious and time-consuming exercise. We take effective measures, considering the current market, pandemic, and the employment situation around the world.   We offer a pool of the best talent and ensure that they stick to their current roles without frequent iteration or separation by the new recruiters.